Has Your Business Switched To Cloud Computing In 2020?

taking advantage of cloud services, small and medium-sized business owners gain access to numerous solutions and products ranging from hosted servers and email, virtual desktops, and industry and business applications

7 Cybersecurity Tips For Remote Workers

Even before the coronavirus outbreak began, telecommuting has been on the rise. There’s been a 159% increase in remote work since 2005. While studies suggest that this trend is beneficial to both employees and employers, it does come with some challenges in terms of online security

3 Ways To Secure Your Gmail Account

New security threats emerge every day, and Google updates their defense options often to help you protect your data. Continue reading to learn how to defend your Gmail account.

How To Identify A Dangerous Email

With billions of emails sent every day, there’s a huge opportunity for malware and viruses to find their way into your inbox.

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App To Stay Competitive

Mobile applications are quickly becoming a necessity for small businesses to stay competitive. The key functions of a mobile app are to directly generate income, to increase brand awareness and serve as a customer service channel that promotes your business.